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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

“” cannot guarantee availability or make a reservation if a customer makes a reservation less than 12 hours before the departure date or on the same day. We advise customers to contact us or text our number to confirm availability. We do not take responsibility for any customer loss due to ‘s inability to complete any transportation service as promised. In these cases, the damages incurred by the customer will be limited to the cost of the ticket purchased from us.

Further, is not responsible for the items left behind by the client, in or out of the vehicle. Call us immediately if you’ve lost something inside a vehicle. We’ll be glad to assist you in finding it. The client would assume full responsibility for any damages to their car caused by them or the members of their group, no matter if they did it purposefully or deliberately.


Cancellations are welcome. Contact us at our number via call or text for cancellations or email.

If the travel plans aren’t canceled within the time limit, but the trip is not canceled, a cancellation fee may be charged to your credit cards. Customers must notify our customer care representative about the cancellation at least three hours before the scheduled pickup time and at least 6 hours in advance for any pickups from areas around to be protected from any cancellation charges.

We cannot be held accountable if you miss, cancel, or delay passenger trains or flights. Suppose you don’t inform us of delays or cancellations, and we cannot make any contact with our registered contact person, even after waiting 15 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. In that case, The ride will be classified as not-showed and discarded. The driver must be at the correct time to pick up your vehicle or notify us of any modifications to your reservation. It could result in an unintentional fee of the total amount and any other fees.


Customers must supply their card details in advance for pre-approval for credit card payments. This helps avoid fraud but isn’t the main reason to pay for travel. To secure the estimated amount of the journey, which includes parking, tolls, and any additional time, your debit or credit card has to be debited at a 150% initial fee. After the total amount for the rendered New York Limo Service has been calculated, the balance amount will be released.


Mercedes-Benz and luxurious sedans have room for up to 4 adult passengers with three standard-size luggage. On the other hand, our SUV can hold up to 6 passengers with the standard luggage size. At the time of booking, the buyer agrees to the maximum passenger capacity and must be sure that it does not exceed. If the client does not comply with the limitation, reserves the right to cancel the reservation without reimbursement.

Privacy Policy

“” takes steps to safeguard the privacy of its customers. Any personal information associated with us is used only for booking and billing purposes, and the data is never disclosed, traded, or transferred to any third party. We also use our latest secure, encrypted server to manage our payment gateways to provide the best Limo Service in NYC by providing a safe online transaction for our clients and ensuring that there isn’t any duplication and identity theft fraud. All transactions are conducted in US dollars.



NYC Luxury Limousine Rental

As you browse through our website you are going to see photos of our range of limos, as well as descriptions of the various limo rental services we offer in NYC.

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You will thus be better able to understand our diverse range of limo rental services. You will also be able to request a free quote online, or else feel free to call us on 2 -12*20 -10 - 72-0 so as to discuss your specific needs or preferences with our customer care representatives. Alternatively you could also visit us in our premises in New York, where you will be able to see the various limos live.